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How it works


Easy to purchase. we provide installation or support your installation team.


Configure sensors, cameras, PowerM and PowerM Lite to interact with gateway IoT Gateway – Smart3. Devices communicate with the gateway which in turns communicate with the cloud using Wi-Fi.
Get it up and running quickly.

Monitor and Control

Complete view of your remote sites. Ensure that your power consuming assets are monitored, controlled and scheduled in the system to obtain the energy savings.
Videos are stored locally and in the cloud for redundancy and safe guard sabotage situations. Generate alerts and events for critical failures using sensors and video analytics.
We provide an extended monitoring team if needed.

Analytics and AI

Identify Anomalies, send real time alerts, tickets for problem escalation and resolutions. Build AI based recommendations for performance improvements. Machine learning algorithms and pattern analysis of sensor & video data to identify anomalies and build business values.