24 /7 e- surveillance for Retail, QSR, Banking

Intelligent Video Analytics(IVA)

Benefits of Video Monitoring

Our solution provides complete dashboard, IP cameras, installation support. Ours is an end-to-end cloud enabled surveillance solution for managing the entire retail stores, shop Outlets etc. with advanced site monitoring capabilities and ability to leverage connectivity across multiple IoT solutions.

Benefits you will get with Video Analytics

Secure Cloud Solution , Live Stream 24/7, Remote Control, Access video from Anywhere

Monitor your business

Curious what's going on while you're away? Watch your oultlets shops from anywhere.

Video storage was stolen, even though it was hidden.

Shoot from the portal with no limitations, were outlets security cameras footage from offsite or cloud destinations with 24 X 7

Bundled Solution for your business

Enjoy an all-inclusive Security Cameras/NVR surveillance system with other no set-up's required

Low Maintenance Costs

Implementing a remote monitoring solution lowers the cost of maintenance for CCTV equipment.

Why our Solution?

Easy Set-up and Implementation

Step 1 : Service Model

Select IP Security Cameras, Harddisks for Video Storage, iBuddy, Environmental Sensors for Communication to Cloud

Step 2: Configure the Solution

With your Wi-FI network,configure Gateway, Cameras, Sensors and upload directly from ibuddy Home Portal.

Step 3: Monitor remote sites from central location

Monitor all your remote sites locations video feed live ,securely stored footage from your desktop or smartphone

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