Gateway Communications Device - ATM Centers Surveillance Solutions


Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems

Motion(PIR) IP Camera

Indoor IR Dome Cameras

Outdoor IR Bullet Cameras

Indoor IR Hidden Camera

4-Channel,Camera Indoor DVR System

8-Channel,Camera Indoor DVR System


Industry Focus

  • ATM/Sites e-surveillance Monitoring
  • Data Centers Automation
  • Theft Protection
  • Real-time e - Surveillance
  • Home Security Monitoring
  • Health care Security
  • Retail stores & Commercial offices

Security Automation

  • Real-time Video Monitoring and Analytics
  • Remote Connection Medium - Advanced 3G/ 4G GPRS Dongle/ WIFI/ Ethernet LAN
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring of the premises
  • Device’s Door Opening and Device’s Tampering Alerts
  • In-built HF RFID Readers, that enables Check IN, Check OUT details of the Personalities

Advanced Functionality

  • Power : Input Voltage 100 VAC to 240 VAC
  • LAN : Ethernet cable
  • GPRS :3G/4G USB DONGLE Plug & Play
  • WIFI (Add-Ons) : Configurable

Monitoring Services

IoT Sensors for Remote Sites

  • Chest Door Open/Close Control & Monitoring
  • Metal Contact Sensor
  • Vibration/Removal of assets Detection
  • Site Door Open/Removal Detection
  • Alarm in case of Emergency
  • Lighting & Glass Removal detection

IoT Sensors for Remote Sites

  • High Temperature/Humidity Detector
  • Remote Site Automatic/Manual Control Siren
  • UPS/Power Monitor Sensor to control UPS ON/OFF &Power Monitor
  • A/C Monitoring Sensor - A/C ON/OFF, A/C Power Monitor
  • Signage Outdoor Board ON/OFF

Indoor Sensors for Remote Sites

  • Metal Contact Sensor
  • Panic/Emergency Switch
  • Smoke/Fire Sensor
  • Motion (PIR) Detection Sensor
  • LAN/Wired Network Connection Detection
  • Two-way voice-Call/Communication for Emergency
  • Audio Speaker and Microphone for Information Flow

Solution Features

Gateway Intrusion Services

  • Gateway Tampering Detection alert
  • Battery Back up to 24 hours for the Gateway Panel
  • Battery Back up to 8 hours for the Sensors
  • Built-In SMPS Battery Back-up to power Gateway, Sensors, DVR, and Cameras
  • Gateway Panel with Metal Enclosure and IP65 MS Box for Sensors Enclosure

Surveillance & CCTV System

  • 4 & 8 Channel DVR Indoor IR Dome Cameras(Anti-Glare & vandal-resistant)
  • Hik Vision (PIR Camera) at night time
  • Hidden Camera(Site Monitoring)
  • Outdoor Weather-proof Camera
  • Masking detection alert for all cameras
  • Hard disk for high end storage surveillance

Remote Monitoring Control

  • Security and Video Surveillance
  • Alarm and Events Management
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Live streaming and video on demand
  • Intrusion and Threat Detection
  • 24/7 *365 Live Monitoring Services

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