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Providing Customized and Integrated Solutions for SECURITY & e Surveillance

Protect your Remote Location and its assets ?

It intends for Remote Monitoring & Video analytics of infrastructure in a remote location for handling diverse tasks. It is designed on basis of Video Capturing and Continuous Live Streaming of the video to Remote Monitoring Client through advanced GPRS Network Connection, that leads to trigger alerts to the Remote Clients in case of any unwanted actions inside the premises. Against alerts from the device, recovery actions can be done over remote applications.


The device is a Combination of IoT environment via Internet technology, which is the traditional Remote monitoring management technology. We directly connect the sensors and the monitoring equipment to the processing system to achieve remote management and real-time data transmission, so realize the resources and information sharing and increase the efficiency and reliability.

Surveillance System


IoT improves these capabilities in IP Surveillance systems require data to be sent to central server in real-time. In many field applications, the internet access doesn’t available whereas GPRS Connection and 3G Cellular Technology can do the need of remote communication..

Need of E-Surveillance

Process of monitoring and controlling your remote site, assets and providing the visibility and surveillance using Internet of Things .


Connect, Control and Manage their Remote location & its assets wireless communication.Ennovasys provides connected wireless products and sensors includes wireless RF and Zigbee technologies.


Industry Focus

  • ATM/Sites e-surveillance Monitoring
  • Data Centers Automation
  • Theft Protection
  • Real-time e - Surveillance
  • Home Security Monitoring
  • Health care Security
  • Retail stores & Commercial offices

Security Automation

  • Real-time Video Monitoring and Analytics
  • Remote Connection Medium - Advanced 3G/ 4G GPRS Dongle/ WIFI/ Ethernet LAN
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring of the premises
  • Device’s Door Opening and Device’s Tampering Alerts
  • In-built HF RFID Readers, that enables Check IN, Check OUT details of the Personalities

Advanced Functionality

  • Power : Input Voltage 100 VAC to 240 VAC
  • LAN : Ethernet cable
  • GPRS :3G/4G USB DONGLE Plug & Play
  • WIFI (Add-Ons) : Configurable

Monitoring Services

IoT Sensors for Remote Sites

  • Chest Door Open/Close Control & Monitoring
  • Metal Contact Sensor
  • Vibration/Removal of assets Detection
  • Site Door Open/Removal Detection
  • Alarm in case of Emergency
  • Lighting & Glass Removal detection

IoT Sensors for Remote Sites

  • High Temperature/Humidity Detector
  • Remote Site Automatic/Manual Control Siren
  • UPS/Power Monitor Sensor to control UPS ON/OFF &Power Monitor
  • A/C Monitoring Sensor - A/C ON/OFF, A/C Power Monitor
  • Signage Outdoor Board ON/OFF

Indoor Sensors for Remote Sites

  • Metal Contact Sensor
  • Panic/Emergency Switch
  • Smoke/Fire Sensor
  • Motion (PIR) Detection Sensor
  • LAN/Wired Network Connection Detection
  • Two-way voice-Call/Communication for Emergency
  • Audio Speaker and Microphone for Information Flow

Solution Features

Gateway Intrusion Services

  • Gateway Tampering Detection alert
  • Battery Back up to 24 hours for the Gateway Panel
  • Battery Back up to 8 hours for the Sensors
  • Built-In SMPS Battery Back-up to power Gateway, Sensors, DVR, and Cameras
  • Gateway Panel with Metal Enclosure and IP65 MS Box for Sensors Enclosure

Surveillance & CCTV System

  • 4 & 8 Channel DVR Indoor IR Dome Cameras(Anti-Glare & vandal-resistant)
  • Hik Vision (PIR Camera) at night time
  • Hidden Camera(Site Monitoring)
  • Outdoor Weather-proof Camera
  • Masking detection alert for all cameras
  • Hard disk for high end storage surveillance

Remote Monitoring Control

  • Security and Video Surveillance
  • Alarm and Events Management
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Live streaming and video on demand
  • Intrusion and Threat Detection
  • 24/7 *365 Live Monitoring Services

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