SMART 3 Schools

Provides easy access information to administrators, parents, teachers and students.


Protect your ATM Centers with advanced security, monitoring & control, based on video surveillance. Helps address the problem of attacks on ATMs.


Helps in managing a fleet of vehicles by tracking, monitoring and exchanging real time data about the vehicle and driver to an ecosystem of services .

IoT Gateway

A device that monitor and control remote sites and assets by providing visibility using Internet of Things in many scenarios.

SMART 3 - IoT Analytical e-surveillance Platform

Ennovasys is an IoT smart solution provider for the Education, Banking and Logistics sectors. SMART3 is an end-to-end e-Surveillance solution providing Smart Security for ATM centers, Smart Visibility for Schools and Smart Operations for Vehicles.

IoT Analytical
e- surveillance Platform

Ennovasys is an IoT smart solution provider for Education, Banking and Logistics sectors.

IoT Solution Provider with Primary Focus On Security, E-Surveillance & Video Analytics


SMART3 SCHOOLS provides easy access to information to administrators, teachers, parents and students. A digital platform to store and retrieve data at your convenience.


SMART3 SURVEILLANCE provides visibility for your ATM and other assets.Our IoT e-Surveillance solution monitors ATM sites from a remote location.


SMART3 LOGISTICS solution monitors from end to end, knowing exactly where everything is at any given point of time. Tracking these details is critical for business management as well as for operational efficiency.

Why Us ?

Ennovasys is a pioneer in India in providing IoT enabled technology solutions with its unique capability of building integrated hardware and software solutions.

Ennovasys has invested a considerable amount of time in R&D. Our complete cloud-based solution is easily deployable and highly scalable. Ennovasys provides end-to end solutions comprising hardware, software and implementation.

Video Surveillance for Infrastructure

Remote monitoring and video analytics of infrastructure in a remote location for handling diverse tasks and designed for video capturing and continuous live streaming .

Incident Management system

Solutions will provides a secure, optimized and low-cost monitoring solution, for effective management of a huge ATM network.

School Students Tracking

Locate your kids with GPS ID Card. Parents and School Teachers can monitor the student's check-in status real-time and know when they entered and when they left the school. Reports can be exported for management and analysis purposes.

Fleet Management System

24x7 Live Tracking of your vehicles by knowing their movement, location and position at every interval with engine status, Geo-entry/exit on a map.